Thom Rugo (Philip Thomas Rugo Scott) is a media artist living and working in Los Angeles. He graduated from UCLA's Design/Media Arts program in 2015. His work primarily deals with the exploration of isolation and loneliness in online space, leading to frequent creation of fictional data centers in which issues of data collection and privacy can be explored in a purely personal method.

Thom Rugo is available for freelance. Contact him at or (415) 963 1232.

Thom is on twitter and instagram.

Daily Bruin (1)
Daily Bruin (2)
Creators Project (1)
Creators Project (2)


Choreographic Coding Lab, 2015, Gestural Sculptures
Mirror Touch, 2015, Central Hub
15folds, 2015, NT704
New New Wight, 2015, Magical Geode
IADT Unrecognized, 2015, Finally Becoming, Warmth Between Us, All of Us Together
Half & Half, 2015, Not Yet
Half & Half, 2015, Signal
Recess, 2014, Shape Tape
Algo-Rhythms, 2014, DataEaser
Punk Arcade, 2014, Abandoned Arcade Fortress
Music for No Reason, 2013, Shape Tape


TA - Web Design @ UCLA DMA Summer Institute
Private Virtual Realities Workshop @ Machine Project